• To honor compassionately all those who grieve, in loving memory of our son

  • To offer empathy and care to those in the midst of traumatic loss

  • To provide a sanctuary, a safe place to feel and to remember our beloveds

  • To acknowledge and extend the kindness we receive at the Carefarm

  • Journeys Upstream Our Story

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    When our beautiful and vibrant son, brother and nephew, Daniel John, died suddenly in September 2017, our hearts and world shattered into unrecognizable pieces. The sacred glue that held our family together in its familiar rhythms came apart and we found ourselves reaching into a void, lost without him and overwhelmed by our loss. We began our Upstream Journey of grief, searching for ways to cope. Dan taught us about courage as he swam the often hazardous upstream currents of his life due to a seizure disorder. His example of resilience and hope and kindness guides us now as we learn to live life without him. We miss you, Danno!

    In memory of Daniel John Coleman Why Journeys Upstream?

    Journeys Upstream acknowledges the great strength it takes to live a life forever shaped by trauma, loss and grief. We are inspired by a story Dan told us before he died, describing in detail his next tattoo based on Japanese and Chinese legends: a koi swims upstream and after 100 years of trying, it makes a final valiant leap and reaches the mouth of the waterfall, where it becomes a dragon in recognition of its bravery and courage. Dan would never get his koi-dragon tattoo, though we like to think that as he flew free from his tired body, he became the dragon that he imagined.

    Navigating the Journey Upstream

    In those difficult weeks after Dan’s death, after searching extensively for ways to cope with our trauma and loss, we found the Selah Carefarm and Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, a professor and counsellor in traumatic grief. Here our grief was welcomed, our loss honored, and our trauma and confusion met with kindness.

    We were embraced by compassion, hope and gratitude at the Carefarm, values that resonate with us, which continue to guide our Journey Upstream.  We endeavor to share these values with others, including those equally overwhelmed by grief and loss.

    Our family wants to contribute to building a sanctuary, the Selah Family House, for those visiting the Carefarm. Currently there is nowhere for grieving families to stay. We envision a home where people can be invited to stay for a few days, finding true respite on the land and with the rescue animals, in connection with others, at a place where love and grief are deeply connected. 

    Join us to help build a caring place for those experiencing the trauma of loss

    Selah House and Carefarm is the first carefarm in the world dedicated to those experiencing the trauma of loss. Carefarms are more commonplace in Europe and England and began more than 20 years ago as a humanistic therapy where farm life - working on the land, caring for the animals – is the basis for healing. The Selah house will have multi-bedrooms and a larger gathering area, providing a place for those grieving to stay and participate in a full immersion experience on the Carefarm, a place where no-one has to go through traumatic grief alone. 

    • Selah Family House

      A place where those grieving can come together, to remember, and find support and solace.


    "Those we love deeply who have died are part of our identity; they are a part of our biography. We feel that love in the marrow of our bones."

    - Bearing the Unbearable by Joanne Cacciatore, PhD

    Get involved Join us to build Selah Family House

    We can’t build it without you!

    Your tax deductible donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $75,000 until December 31, 2018. Our goal is to raise $150,000 in addition to the nearly $150,000 raised to date. When we reach our goal of $300,000, construction of Selah Family House will begin! EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS TWICE!